Annual Membership Dues
​Membership AEE Middle Tennessee Chapter

Chapter dues: Annual local chapter dues are $20 and can be paid thru AEE National when renewing your national AEE membership (just call AEE directly to change your local chapter to Middle Tennessee). Dues can also be paid directly to the local 

chapter by cash, check or PayPal.

​AEE-Middle Tennessee 2023 Officers:

Clint Gorman - President
Michael Barkan - Vice President
Mark Allen - Treasurer
Vacant - Secretary

AEE Middle TN Chapter Presidents
(Years/Term President's NameCompany/Affiliation)

2022-Present Clint Gorman - Nissan North America
2020-2022 Clay Hoover - Tennessee Valley Authority
2019 Andrew Murphy - Siemens
2018 Victor Alas - Lockheed Martin
2017 David DePriest - Quad/Graphics, Inc.
2015-2016 Anthony Denami - Stones River Electric 
2014-2015 Barry Westbrook - DocAir
2013-2014 Garry Pangborn - Freudenberg
2012-2013 Deb Faust 
2011-2012 David Rehse - Energy Systems Group
2010-2011 Chris Dickerson - Lochinvar
2009-2010 Mark Schwartz - GreenMark Collaborative
2008-2009 Craig Stensen - Siemens
2007-2008 Rick Robinson - Lifeway
2006-2007 Linda Hardymon - MTSU
2005-2006 Kirby Lane - Nashville/Piedmont Gas
2004-2005 David Franklin - Stones River Electric
2002-2003 Ray Hinson - Energy Systems Group
2001-2002 Joe Whitefield - MTSU
2000-2001 Dave Edmunds - State of Tennessee
1999-2000 Gary Moody - Nashville/Piedmont Gas
1997-1998 Jami Wilson - Stones River Electric
1996-1997 Herb Stonebrook - State of Tennessee
1995-1996 Hardy Seaborn - BWSC
1994-1995 George Adbanjo - Fisk University​

Association of Energy Engineers
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